Are you a Cyber Granny Yet? Take this quiz and find out.

I have always concerned myself a modem type person. I always keep up with the latest trends. Practice most of them well fashion and well fashion that is. Thought I was keeping up when it came to technology but man am I ever wrong.

See I am forty eight will be forty nine this year. I have one and a quarter or grandsons. Yea she’s not but a quarter ways into my seconds grandson but we know its a wonderful boy. Don’t get me wrong I so want a girl. This coming from a mother of two boys that now have two grandsons. When is this granny going to be able to buy pink and lace. I don’t know but I will just keep loving them till I get to. I off subject here let me tell you why I am a cyber granny and let’s get to the fun part let’s see if you are.

I came from the generation were you spoke into your phone. Not look at it while you were speaking and the only thing you needed your fingers for was to punch in the numbers and if for some crazy reason you has to spell a ten or seven letter word out to get the number one number covered three letters. So I thought I was hot shit when I learned to text with them . Then out of the dam blue they came up with this dam touch screen and smart phones. Oooooooo I’m going to tell you something. When I first got a smart phone I almost admitted defeat ,but my stubbornness didn’t let me. But boy that by far as been my biggest challenge when it came to learning new devices up until now I learning WordPress and WOW.

I can remember my grandson at the age of five coming to stay the night with me . I would be over in my chair playing with my new smartphone thinking I had mastered it when he would as if he could play a game on it. I be like no son its not to play with you don’t know what your doing you will tear it up. He would just snicker at the time wasn’t real sure why we did that. Man did I find out what that snicker was all about.

So I get up the next morning and notice the TV was off my TV’s never off when he was there. So I kinda wondered if the cute my power off .No I’m playing I was curious why it wasn’t on I knew he was up I could hear him from my room. So I sneak down the hall and peeked around the corner thinking I’m going to catch him up to mischief I do he is holding my brand new smartphone and pushing the keypad faster then I ever dreamed swapped screens like so fast I wanted to say hold I didn’t see that but I didn’t. What I did do was jump out and hollered “GOOD MORNING GABE” And scared the holly shit out of him and my phone went flying. If it had broke (which thank God it landed on something soft) it would have Ben my fault. And as impressed as I was for the child to have was more know how then I did on my phone . His ass was still in trouble for touching it. Just not as bad as I would have. But I was scared I may need to ask him how to do something . that started my journey of asking my grandson what do I do next? Or how did you do that?

About two years later we are standing in wal-mart I think and my phone rang don’t remember who it was but I remember what they wanted a phone number out of my phone. One that wan’t programed in. Well I would have to call you back I will have to look it up. For some reason or another they couldn’t be call back so I couldn’t hang up(they were probably in jail) any way I really didn’t know how to get to call log while on the phone so I ask my user manual (my grandson) what I needed to do. And let me set the Sean here wal-mart Saturday very busy ,very busy close to the pharmacy so the noise level is low. And he replied in a very deservingly imbarssing simi loud voice. “GOD GRANNY WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN HOW TO DO YOUR OWN PHONE YOU MAKE ME LEARN NEW STUFF WHEN ITS HARD FOR ME” He was so freaking right I was unable to say a word for a min . Then I made him get his ass over there and show me how to do it. And that day forwarded I try to make sure I know almost as much as he dose on the phone . he still has me beat on a computer .

So I made these few fun questions up to see if your a scyber granny or a How granny

1.When you text which method do you use?

A. Talk to text B. Swipe C . every letter

2. Can you transform a picture into a PDF file?

A. Yes B. no C. Somewhat

3.Do you know how to transfer your contacts and files from your old device onto your new one?

A. yes. B. No. C. Somewhat

If all of your answers are A then you are a cyber granny if two of your answer are A your getting there the rest of y’all are how granny’s . well this has been fun .

Thanks for reading

Thank you Cyber granny


Good morning, I had a ruff night see my husband is dieing. He has COPD and it is getting harder for him to breath. So last night evey half hour or so I would have to get up and manage him breathing treatment. See he also has nerve damage in the spin that causes him very much pain in his neck and back .He had been slowly losing his ability to walk. His feet swell and change color the skin is drying up .Some times he complains that his feet are on fire but when I touch them they are ice cold and the skin is bright red. It hurts him to touch his feet he tells me when i lay my finger gently on his foot that it like a cigarette burning him. After about a hour you can see small blisters start to form on his feet. Slowly it goes away . Doctors can’t find the reason for this . bless him he has had every test you can think of has anyone else experience these symptom. If you have and know why I would love to here from you . thanks in advance.